Archived by the Puget Sound Public Interest Transportation Forum,

October 12, 2000
Councilperson Richard McIver
Chair, Transportation Policy Board
Puget Sound Regional Council
1011 Western Avenue, Suite 500
Seattle, WA 98101

Re: Least-Cost Planning and the MTP DEIS

Dear Mr. McIver:

I believe that it is appropriate for me to summarize my verbal comments to the Policy Board at its meeting yesterday. As I indicated, the concerns and recommendations of the informal group of transportation professionals that I was representing were previously stated in a letter transmitted to Mr. Norman Abbott by email ( on September 29, 2000.

Our recommended actions are:

  1. As required by state law (RCW 47.80.030), apply least-cost planning to individual transportation plan elements (facilities, services, and programs), including those that are credible and under discussion in the region but not currently adopted.
  2. Provide a new comment deadline for the DEIS that allows the public to review and compare the cost-effectiveness (net social benefit) of individual transportation elements.
  3. Submit the least/full cost analysis to a panel of nationally recognized transportation economists for their review and comment.

Our group, either collectively or individually, would be happy to share its understanding of least-cost planning and the state requirement with members of your Board, PSRC staff, and legal advisors.


Dick Nelson
122 NW 50th Street
Seattle, WA 98107