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No Confidence Motion Introduced in the King County Council on RTA Transit Plan

Three King County Councilmembers (Rob McKenna, Jane Hague and Chris Vance) introduced a "no confidence" motion regarding the RTA transit plan to the King County Council on September 19th. It contains 31 "whereas" clauses that define their serious concerns about the validity and usefulness of the proposed RTA transit plan. It provides some very useful information for citizens to review as they make up their minds about how to vote on November 5th.

This motion has been referred to a Committee of the Whole (the entire Council) and will be discussed by the Council at a hearing on October 7th, at 9:30 am. Subsequent hearings may be held on the following Mondays and a final meeting may feature Councilmember debate and a vote on the motion - probably on the third or fourth Monday of October. The motion will need 7 votes to pass as the County Council has 13 members.

A story on the front page of the September 24, 1996 Seattle Times quoted Councilmember Cynthia Sullivan (D - Seattle) as saying that the motion is "an attempt to cloud the issue, create doubt and defeat."

Jump to Seattle Times Website for full text of a published story on this proposed motion.

A sample of the content of this motion is as follows:

It should be fascinating to see and hear the King County Council members discuss and debate these 31 items. We applaud Councilmember Rob McKenna for doing the heavy lifting needed to bring important questions about the RTA Plan before the Council and the public. We will be reporting on the status and progress of this motion in the weeks ahead. The full text of the "no confidence motion" as introduced is provided.

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